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Medicines, Cannabis and Marijuana based substances, Detergents, Laundry Pods and Toxic Preparations are very dangerous substances for children.
A moment of distraction is enough for facing the worst-case scenario

The Packaging Child Resistant Folding Box was born to prevent this danger

medicinal tablets for packaging

Medicinal tablets


Pills of drugs

Cardboard Boxes for Drugs With Child Resistant Closure

Cardboard Boxes for Drugs

Medicinal pills to pack

Medicinal pills

IGbressan medicine boxes with child resistant System

Boxes for packing medicines

Medicines for packaging


The greatest contribution to children’s safety is prevention.

Potentially dangerous substances should never be available to minors:
  • detergents, laundry pods, dishwasher capsules 
  • chemicals, and toxic preparations
  • some cosmetics, mouthwashes
  • lawn and garden products
  • medicines, over-the-counter medications, herbal medicine, dietary supplements
  • cannabis and marijuana-based substances
  • nicotine-based substances

Child Resistant packaging makes a valuable contribution since it can withstand "attacks" of children up to 52 month old (which represents the highest-risk age).

Packaging for medicines

Medicines, over-the-counter medications, herbal medicine, dietary supplements

Child resistant packaging for tobacco

Safe Packaging for Nicotine Substances

Child Resistant Packaging for laundry pods

Packaging for Dishwasher capsules

Packaging for Cosmetics with childproof safety

Cosmetics, mouthwash icone

Childproof packaging for paints

Childproof packaging for paints and gouache

Childproof packaging for Chemicals

Safe packaging for Chemicals and toxic preparations

Childproof packaging for detergents and laundry pods

Packaging for Detergents, laundry capsules

Cannabis and Marijuana Packaging to prevent accidental opening by children

Cannabis and Marijuana Packaging

Dangerous products that require safe packaging

Packaging for Dangerous substances

The scenario

The scenario offered by the data collected by the main associations monitoring poisonings is tragic. It is an alarming picture in terms of numbers but even more for what concerns the age groups involved.

National Capital Poison reports:

Our packaging has been projected and developed according to the regulations of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act which contains a Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Packaging Guide.

It is important to highlight that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that: “THE CPSC DOES NOT APPROVE, CERTIFY, OR ENDORSE ANY SPECIFIC CRP (Child Resistant Packaging)”.

Consumer Product Safety Commission has also published a complete list of substances requiring special packaging which is also available on Wikipedia

Do you want to test our solutions?
We have designed a Demo KIT for your evaluation!

How does it work?

Child Resistant packaging is designed to prevent contact between children and the contents of the package.
If the use of the system is simple and intuitive for an adult, it looks like a real conundrum in the eyes of a child.

Other Child Resistant solutions can be studied specifically for specific needs:
- specific packaging shapes and sizes
- specific closure mechanisms

The Child Resistant packaging can be fully customized.

Extract the key from the box

Extract the key from the box

Key for opening the childproof box

Put the key in your Child Resistant Folding Box

Extract the key from the box

Value of the Child Resistant Folding Box

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • It’s 100% cardboard made, recyclable and biodegradable
  • 2019/904 EU plastic reduction directive compliant
  • Production is environment friendly according to FSC certification
  • Produced according to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • It conveys a message of responsibility, environmental respect and great attention to children
  • The Child Resistant Folding Box sponsors and supports sports teams for children


  • Safeguarding children is appreciated by the market
  • Contribution to environmental protection, shows respect and attention to planet life
  • Child Resistant packaging is a perceived added value
Our Child Resistant packaging is certified

Our Child Resistant packaging is certified

Lean Production

Lean Production

The Child Resistant packages (including safety cardboard key) can be filled and closed on standard machines and manually. No change required for production lines and processes
  • No change required for production lines and processes
  • No machinery investments required
  • No slow-downs to the packaging process
  • No special components like plastic shells or trays
  • No assembly required
  • It relocks automatically when closed
Further advantages
  • 100% quality is achieved through a network of technologies and quality controls, which work smoothly together: the final result is greater than the sum of the individual parts.
  • In Pre-press, a single server drives all devices both for the realization of previews and for the production of printing molds.
  • This way, customers are guaranteed that the approved layout is accurately transferred to the press department.
  • IGB also performs a pixel-to-pixel check of the files sent in by customers.
  • In the press department, electronic devices check every barcode, graphics and color. The top-notch equipment constantly fine-tunes the ink levels and density during production.
  • With such systems, IGB achieves top printing quality and data security.
  • In the die-cutting department, electronic cameras guarantee 100% precision cutting. IGB was the first company to adopt 100% control systems and can release a report detailing which products were discarded because of defects on color, text, layout, barcode or braille text.
  • Before the product is released, it is checked again against defects, such as braille dots inaccuracy.
  • The drying technology at IGB is unique: in order to avoid anti set-off powders, IGB developed an exclusive drying technology. As a result, the company has been able to print food-grade products in compliance with the strict requirements of the American FDA on pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Certifications: Business Continuity Management Certificate - ISO 22301, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, FSC
  • IGB operates according to the GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

Childproof box opening process

Put the key into the slots

Put the key into the slots

Put the key in your Child Resistant Folding Box

Put the key into the slots

Strictly Tested

The Child Resistant Folding Box passed strict tests requiring 3 levels of performance:
Children aged 42 to 51 months:
Percentage of children that
must not be able
to open it at least85%
Percentage of children that
must not be able to open it
after a demonstration at least 80%
Percentage of adults that
must be able
to open it at least90%

Opening the childproof box

Apply a light pressure to open

Apply a light pressure to open

Put the key in your Child Resistant Folding Box

Apply a light pressure to open

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